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You do something to me, somewhere deep inside

TGIF!!! Thank goodness. These past two days have been kind of stressful. I had two exams, one on Wednesday for my 16th Century Prose & Poetry and then my CIS exam yesterday. Both I think went so-so. I hope that everything wasn't a complete disaster.

I forgot to mention that I did watch The Number 23 last weekend with my dad. It was your basic suspense thriller. Reminded me a lot of Secret Window with Johnny Depp. Why do writers always have to go crazy? LOL! Anyway, Jim Carrey was actually fairly good. It's nice to see actors do different roles. Fun thing was I got to drive my mom up a wall after I saw it, trying to find any representations of 23 in my life. Just to name a few: the year I was born (1+9+8+5=23), the year I graduated (2+0+0+3=23), my favorite soft drink (Dr. Pepper has 23 ingredients), and the time I was born (2:30 pm). Yeah, so enough of that. I'm so excited tonight because I get to see Gerard Butler on Jay Leno!! It's been forever since he's been on a talk show, so I can't wait!

And speaking of more beautiful Scottish lads, thanks to the wonderful fangirls at tennant_love, I was able to download "Recovery". Due to my exams, I had to wait until today to watch it. I was going mad. Well, I just finished it right now and I'm just in awe. David Tennant was just brilliant. I could use so many other words to describe his performance, but it would be a super long entry. That man better get nominated next year for a BAFTA, that's all I'm saying. Geez, and at the end he made me cry like a baby. Same goes for Sarah Parish, who I think kind of stole the show. She was just a powerhouse. The issue of brain injury is something I've been seeing a lot of, especially with all the coverage of ABC news anchor Bob Woodruff. He also suffered a brain injury when he got hit by a bomb in Iraq. I watched some of his story this week and what got me all choked up was hearing about how his wife handled the whole thing. It was very similar to what Sarah's character went through. I really don't know how people in real life are able to cope with something like this happening to their loved ones. All I can say is they're incredibly strong and loving people to stick it through. It really is a day by day, minute by minute process. I was just completely moved by this movie. So amazing, heavy, and thought-provoking. David and Sarah better get some awards!

All right kiddies. Be sure to watch Gerry tonight! Have a great weekend! Cheers!
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